Our Team

Anindya Chatterjee

Meditation Teacher and Managing Trustee

Anindya Chatterjee is a scholar of Buddhist psychology and philosophy, and a meditation practitioner for over 30 years. A student of the late meditation master Venerable Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, he has studied and practised in Tibetan Mahayana, Thai Forest and Burmese Theravada traditions.

As a meditation teacher, he brings in his personal experience and scholarship to deliver a clear and practical exposition of the complex tenets of Buddhism. He encourages participants to meditate regularly and experience the results for themselves.
He is a psychiatrist and has worked internationally for many years as a global health expert. He now lives in Kolkata.

Meditation is something you have to do yourself. All we can do at the Dhyan Kendra is to give you time-tested instructions, a safe place, support of spiritual friends, and good advice on how to practise.

Ujjaini Srimani


The coordinator organises, communicates and manages the programmes of the Dhyan Kendra, and provides key inputs into the process.

A sincere meditation practitioner, Ujjaini has familiarity with the materials presented for study and practice. She assists members with additional information and in developing their meditation practice. Being guided by authentic spiritual teachers, she finds the Buddhist path simple, reliable and scientific. A disciple in the Mahayana path, she is dedicated to creating and maintaining an inclusive, safe and nurturing space for all practitioners.

Ujjaini has previously worked as a consultant psychiatrist and narrative therapist. Her lived experience as a queer woman also informs her work.

Dibya Jyoti Bhadra


Dibya Jyoti Bhadra has been an adherent of the Buddhist path, especially the way shown by Atish Dipankar, for more than 15 years. He is involved in all areas of the Dhyan Kendra’s activities and is keen on helping more and more seekers find the way of the Buddha. A retired civil servant of the Government of India, he lives in Bangalore.

Sarmistha Gupta Basant


Sarmistha Gupta Basant has been a seeker of the Buddhist way of life, particularly on the Tibetan Mahayana path, for around a decade. Inner peace and self-knowledge are the areas in which she strives for growth — a journey that she hopes others will also be benefited from. A public service broadcaster, Sarmistha has recently retired from the Chinese Language Unit of All India Radio, which she helmed.

Jayanti Basu


Jayanti Basu is interested in studying philosophy, spiritual texts and meditation practices in general, and Buddhism in particular. Being a teacher of Applied Psychology, she is especially keen to learn the concepts and applications of alternative models of the mind of the ancient Indian spiritual systems.

The Dhyan Kendra has offered Jayanti the opportunity to learn authentic Mahayana Buddhist principles. She is motivated by the interactive presence of fellow members and appreciates that the Dhyan Kendra caters to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. She prays that the centre becomes a spiritual haven for all earnest seekers.

Pallavi Banerjee


Pallavi Banerjee is a meditation practitioner, primarily in the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist tradition. She feels fortunate to have met and received inspiration, blessings and guidance from accomplished teachers in the Buddhist path.

Professionally, Pallavi works as a psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapist, based in Kolkata. She aspires to attain inner peace and freedom by practising and realising the teachings of the Buddha, so that she can help others heal deeply. She is committed to helping the Dhyan Kendra become a safe and inclusive space for people of diverse persuasions to gather, meditate together and live harmoniously.

You Can Help Us

Atish Dipankar Dhyan Kendra is a public charitable trust. Your donation will help us in running our study and meditation programmes, developing course material, organising meditation retreats, maintaining the meditation centre, translating Buddhist texts and supporting practitioners on this path.

Past Events


  • It’s my long-term interest in Buddhist philosophy that brought me to this group and it’s been a life-changing experience. My systematic engagement in the contemplation and meditation sessions, along with the retreats, has changed my outlook on life, transforming me from a staunch atheist to a person invested in spiritual progress. It has also redefined the meaning of the work I do.

    Paramita Banerjee

    Social Development Professional

  • Atish Dipankar Dhyan Kendra’s study programme opened doors to authentic teachings on Buddhist psychology for me. Not only is it intellectually stimulating, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, which forms an integral part of this engagement, helps me evolve as a person too. I am truly grateful for this space.

    Saoni Banerjee

    Psychologist & Art Therapist